Commercial Services ...

We create environments & spaces that help you attract repeat customers, identify your brand or look & help you grow your business.

We work across a range of sectors including:-

  • Retail : Shop floor layout & window design, focusing on customer experience, branding & business functionality 

  • Offices : Office floor layout & design, focusing on space planning, work flow efficiency & employees well being 

  • Hospitality : Hotel guest room re-design, bar & restaurant re-design and spa & treatment room interior design 

Client Consultation

A friendly initial conversation at your home or premises to discuss your project in more detail. We want to get to know you & understand your brief, budget & timescales. We can then offer some pointers to help you get your project started.

Concept Design Development

Now it gets exciting! ... with inspiration from you we work to design your new project. This involves two design consultation meetings & up to three design variations. This results in final design drawings, and also mood boards for interior design projects.

Colorful curtain samples hanging from ha

Window Treatments

Windows treatments can change the whole overall feel of a space. It is important this aspect of the design works with the room. Whether it’s tailored shutters, sliding panels or luxurious hand-sewn curtains, Archi - Designs will help you select the best option for your project.

Specification, Product Sourcing & Tender Documentation

Now its time for the details ... the final stage before we get on site. At this point we produce drawings that detail your electrical layouts, door schedule, chosen fixtures, fittings & finishes.


We also put together a building brief describing your logistical requirements during the build. We can then tender your project to potential builders helping you find the right one for you.  

Measured Survey

We visit your property & carry out an accurate on site full measured survey & produce existing floor plans & elevations. These form the basis of all future design drawings.

Colour Consultation

Do you simply need some advice on what colours may work in your home or office? Then use our colour consultation service where we can visit you & give advice on what colours, themes & finishes may work for you.

Filament Bulb

Lighting Design

Inspirational lighting can have a large impact, we will help you to achieve this for your project. Learning as much about your project as possible helps us to understand your needs and enables us to develop a bespoke lighting scheme that compliments and enhances the overall design and feel of the space. The design will be drawn up, easy to understand, and will indicate the locations and type of light fittings that we would recommend, based on your style. The design will include a simple layout and description of the chosen fittings.

On Site Design Implementation

Having found the right builder, its now time for you to sign a building contract & get construction underway!


At this point it is your choice if we can act as your 'eyes & ears' on site checking that work progresses in accordance with the the design we have produced. This stage involves us undertaking regular site visits, holding site meetings.

On completion of any building works we then bring your project to life by dressing the room & adding the all important finishing touches.


Space Planning & Room Relationships

A key stage is to discuss rooms; available space and your client requirements. It is important to agree how an area is to be laid out at an early stage, before we start thinking about finishes. This will ensure you get the most out of your space; we will explore circulation, proposed use and lighting. Scale layouts help to make sure the final proposals are feasible and function as efficiently as possible.

Samples of material, wood , color , fabr

Furniture, Flooring & Fabrics

In any project, flooring, furniture and fabrics bring the interior design concept together, it is more than simply browsing online. In choosing all of these, both function & aesthetics need to be considered; each can make a statement, be practical or luxurious. With such a vast range of options available there are many things to weigh up.

Statutory Applications

Having produced & agreed a final design for you, if necessary we can prepare & submit a planning application or certificate of lawfulness on your behalf. This will include the preparation of a supporting design & planning statement. 


Other than redecoration, most other work will need Building Regulation Approval. We will produce the technical drawings (liaising with your Structural Engineer if required), submit for approval, liaise with Building Control on your behalf & work to obtain your compliance certification.

Service Packages ...

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Individual Services

You may decide you only want to use us for one of our available services and in this instance we will be delighted to provide our architectural and interior design services on an individual basis.

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Bespoke Packages

At Archi - Assist we are also able provide a bespoke package of a selection of our services; for example you may wish to use us to carry out a measured survey, design development and submit a planning application for you and not require our full plans building regulation or on site project management services. In this instance we are able to provide you with an all inclusive package price for the requested services.

Full Project Management 

If you want a stream lined service, you can instruct us to manage your project from start to completion. This involves us undertaking all of the necessary services, from the list above, under one instruction; providing you with a holistic, efficient & cost effective service for your project.